I will guide you towards becoming a recognition salon training centre, school or academy.

To be able to effectively offer international qualifications, I will put in place your centre needs Risk assessment and all your policies,

You will be able to allocate staff or yourself to fulfil the following roles:

  • Head of Centre – this role has overall responsibility for the centre;
  • You will become the Head of Quality – this role is responsible for the centre’s quality assurance processes (this is usually a lead IQA or centre coordinator);
  • You will understand the roll of the Examinations Officer – this role is responsible for submitting registrations and certification claims for your students
  • You will understand the roll of Finance Officer – this role will the first point of contact regarding any financial queries.

Qualification staff roles and responsibilities In order to deliver a qualification, the centre must have appropriately qualified and occupationally competent staff as required to deliver the qualification. The requirements for a qualification will be given in one of the following documents, where available:

  • The assessment strategy;
  • the qualification specification.
  • Qualification specifications and assessment strategies for the qualifications as well as the Approval criteria.

Where there is only a record of assessment book available for a qualification, the following criteria apply: To be able to offer and deliver a awarding body qualification, the centre must have:

  • at least one qualified and competent assessor;
  • at least one qualified and competent IQA.

NB. Generally, a member of staff is deemed competent if they hold the same, equivalent or a related higher level qualification as the qualification or unit they are assessing or quality assuring.

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